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Don Dunoon’s musings on organizational topics with an underlying theme of conversation – interactions between people – in a work context.

  • Personal Learning Reflection

A Personal Learning Reflection for 2022

December 10, 2022|

At a time when many of us are looking back on the year, it might be useful to pause and reconsider something that happened for you in 2022, to provide an opportunity for learning [...]

  • Psych safety as life bouy

Psychological Safety and Executive Capabilities

October 31, 2022|

If you work in a large organisation, chances are your organisation has an executive/manager capability framework, and if you look at the communications-related capabilities, you’ll probably see that the framework emphasises things like executives [...]

  • Micro Interventions

Micro Interventions

September 5, 2022|

Culture change…or development? When it comes to changing culture, it’s probably a good move to think about what you mean both by culture and changing it. Culture is often thought of as ‘how things [...]

  • All Things Change Image

OBREAU webinar/podcast

August 22, 2022|

Was delighted yesterday to see this post from the NEXUS4change group. The webinar/podcast referred to is one I recorded with them back in 2014, shortly after contributing an article on mindful OD practice and [...]

  • Language around Leadership

Seeking to clarify some language around leadership

January 28, 2022|

Who exercises leadership? "Why, leaders do", you might reply. And what do leaders do when they undertake leadership? "Well, they lead others of course." The terms leader, lead (or leading) and leadership are often used [...]