In-Organisation Courses

For 2024 we are offering two courses which can be run for people in your organisation. Each course can be tailored to your needs.

Group Conversations Psychological

Wellbeing, psychological safety and performance: all things critically important for organisations to cultivate in contexts of pressure and continuous change. A common thread is the quality of conversation. This in-company course is designed to assist managers and professionals improve their effectiveness potentially in all these areas through engaging safely and productively with others on change and other topics.

Available in Foundations (5 hour) and Change Agent (2 day-equivalent) versions, the course combines short, sharp and engaging self-paced learning modules and reflective exercises with highly interactive virtual (or face-to-face) workshops. The course can be adapted and customised for your organisation’s needs.

All managers and professionals need these skills!

Better Work Conversations Course

Psychological safety is not something that generally happens by chance. It needs to be cultivated. When neglected, the consequences can be serious. Yet when developed, the benefits are potentially huge, including in boosting team effectiveness. This course – whether tailored for your leaders, managers or staff – will help participants nurture work environments in which people feel more able to bring their full selves to work and in which teamwork for desired results flourishes.

The course emphasises practices for creating a safer and more productive team environment as well as personal behaviours and skills for dealing with psychological safety-related challenges and issues.

The standard course comprises a one-day workshop (or two half-day virtual sessions), access to a set of punchy e-learning modules, and a follow-up session after one month.

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To find out more about these courses, or to discuss your own organisation’s people development needs more generally – including with developing leadership capabilities – why not schedule an obligation-free 30-minute discussion.